About Us

It’s more than 50 years, since SIMOVILL brand comitted oneself to manufacture economical lighting fittings.

Our basic range includes energy saving industrial and commercial lighting fittings for the most applications. This range of product is continuously expanded with fittings from our own development, and cooperation with our European partner companies. The most dimmable systems are also available combine with presence detector and day-light sensor (for request).

We made a new chapter for LED applications. Nowadays the LED (light emitting diode) became suitable for applying in general lighting fittings. Thanks to the improving efficiency and special attribute the range of LED application is continuously growing.

For the assembling of products high-quality electronic components and materials are used. The technical options available to buyers who can meet the specific demands (eg. controlled lighting systems, a unique and central emergency lighting systems, etc…).

Each individual product undergoes testing and inspection. The company operates under ISO 9001 quality system.