PRIMA Ex industrial waterproof and dustproof lighting fittings with higher impact resistance are suitable for illumination of areas with a danger of flammable dust gas and vapour explosion .
The above mentioned ambient corresponds to European Union directive No.: 94/9/EC (NV 23/2003 Sb.): Ex II 3GD Ex nA II T4 T78 °C.
Lighting fittings are assigned for ambient temperature from – 20 °C to 40 °C
Certificate No.: FTZÚ 08 ATEX 0168X

Technical features:
• Body: injection of impact and heat resistant Polycarbonate of grey color
• Fixing of the body with diffuser is solved with stainless steel clips
• The luminary is provided with a foamed Polyurethane sealing injected directly to the body
• Diffuser: injection of transparent stabilized Polycarbonate (PC) with very high impact resistance
• Reflector: steel sheet powder coated by white color
• Polished aluminum parabolic reflector (PAR) can be delivered on demand.
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