Bed-head units S-HL for normal Hospital care and ward areas.

Technical features:
Protection Degree:   IP40
Insulation Class:      I
S-HL bed-head unit is constituted by an extruded aluminum profile having three main comportments designated to low voltages power mains and medical gases supply.
The inside of S-HL includes the following electrical components:
Power mains duct set
  • Indirect general illumination with a plexi diffuser covers
  • Reading light with a plexi diffuser covers
Low voltage duct set
  • for nurse-calling system telephone informatics etc.
Separate attached body for medical gases outlets (O2 Vac).
The S-HL bed-head unit can be ordered with different accessories from the basic type (colored sockets nurse call button RJ45 sockets CBC etc.).
For special offer please make contact with SIMOVILL 2006 Kft service department.
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S-HL 114-180 2S+K+E 14+80W T5 2xdugalj+kapcsoló+üres kórházi ágysávlám…
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