New concept street lighting developed to render easy and fast the installation ordinary and extra ordinary maintenance.

Technical features:

  • Protection Degree: IP65
  • Insulation Class: I
  • Power: 250…400W
  • Ordinary maintenance without using any tools.
  • The body upper cover and fixing block made of die cast aluminum painted with polyester powder paint resistant to the atmospheric agents and to the corrosion.
  • Fixing block suitable for both diameter 40 and 60 mm without using any adaptor. The fitting can be tilted 0-15 degree in 4 positions with a simple and quick system.
  • Pure 99 85 aluminum optics oxidized and brightened. Tempered glass 4 mm thickness hanged to the body with a rotation clip.
  • Adjustable lamp position in order to optimize the optic render.
  • Equipment composed by an internal easily removable nylon reinforced fiberglass wiring-box pure silicon gasket ceramic E27 and thermoplastic E40 lamp holder M20 IP68 tear proof cablegland.
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